It is said you live as many lives as the number of languages you speak. So needless to say that if you are speaking only one language you have not lived much. In the age of smart phones & smart wear, where your  world is at your finger tip, physical learning is making way to digital/ virtual  learning through PCs, laptops, smart phones and now smart watches too. Your search for learning a new language ends at Lobo books. Are you travelling to a new country for a pleasure trip or on business?
Need to learn the basics of the local language without having to learn the national language? Then welcome to Lobo books.  We provide you with the largest collections of language E books for easy learning. You don’t have to invest a fortune in language translation books or time consuming foreign language classes, we are a one stop destination whether  you are a home maker or a pro wanting to learn languages for work

It is not necessary to learn the national language to travel to a province of the country. For e.g, If you are visiting India to work in Bangalore as a software professional  from China, you need not learn Hindi necessarily. If you are in Bangalore on a 6 months project, all you have to do is learn the basics of Kannada to interact with the locals, in case the need be. Refer our E books for basic learning as well as mastery over any language.
We want to make E learning a global phenomena.  Our catalog is constantly diversifying with high quality E books from reputed publishers. Our gallery intends to serve all the purpose of your language learning  whether practical, aspirational or intellectual.

If you are a newly wedded bride from East India going on a honeymoon to Sweden and Latvia. You don’t have to learn English do you? Learn Swedish or Latvian instead to connect with the localites while on your honeymoon.
Lobo books is all set to make language learning accessible to every nook & corner of the world. All you need is an internet connection. We are here to make you feel at home wherever you go. No matter which device our customers prefer supporting their personal preferences would always be in our assembly line. We see that our customers are able to access/learn our books irrespective of the time, place or device. If you have the dedication and a clear direction as to why you want to learn another language we provide you with the right material for all your efforts.